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    Air Algerie

    Content: Air Algerie - Air Algerie Ticket - Air Algerie Check In - Air Algerie Flights - Air Algerie Booking - Air Algerie Route Map - Air Algerie Timetable - Air Algerie Offices - About Air Algerie - Air Algerie Flight Status - Baggage Allowance - Fares - Prices - Address - Phone Number - Careers - Passenger Information

    Air Algerie

    Air Algerie

  • Air Algerie Official Site

    You can find all (flight status, destinations, booking, check in, baggage allowance, contact, adress, phone number, route map, fleet, timetable, flights, ticket, fares, route map, offices, careers) about Air Algerie in official site of Air Algerie. Please click the link above for visiting Air Algerie site.

  • Air Algerie Route Map

    You can see all destinations of Air Algerie on the route map.

  • Air Algerie Timetable

    You can view current timetable for Air Algerie.

  • About Air Algerie:

    Air Algerie is the national flag carrier airline of Algeria. Based in Algiers, Air Algerie operates scheduled international services to 39 destinations in 28 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It operates domestic services to 32 airports.

    Air Algerie is in the process of becoming a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Bilateral codeshare agreements, frequent flyer programs and airport lounge agreements with each of the SkyTeam carriers must be in place before it can meet the alliance's membership requirements.

    Air Algerie was founded in 1947 as the Societe Algerienne de Construction Aeronautique (SACA)-Air Algerie. On May 23, 1953, it merged with the Compagnie Air Transport to form the Compagnie Generale de Transports Aeriens (CGTA)-Air Algerie.

    Air Algerie Boeing 737-800 (7T -VJN) landing at London Heathrow Airport. Following independence from France in 1962 the company become Air Algerie (Entreprise Nationale d'exploitation des Services Aeriens). In 1963 the Algerian government took possession of 51% of the company assets, increasing its stake to 83% in 1970 and to 100% and nationalisation in 1974, after acquisition of the remaining 17% stake held by Air France. It employs 9,775 staff (at March 2007). Air Algerie is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Air Algerie is a joint-stock company SPA with a capital of 43,000,000,000 DA.

    The airline covers a network of 96,000 km. More than 3,000,000 passengers and nearly 20,000 tonnes of cargo are carried every year. In 2003, the number of daily flights in peak periods was 120. Air Algerie has generated almost five billion available seat-kilometres and performed 3.3 billion revenue passenger- kilometres. A few years later, Air Algeria, relieved of the management terminal, became a limited company in 1997 and 2006, its capital amounted to 57 billion dinars (about 560 million euros). With nearly 6 million passengers a year on its regular routes, Air Algerie saw sales go up year after year. Thus, an airline is doing very well. It has modernized its fleet. The sales network comprises 150 agencies in Algeria and abroad, linked to the booking system and distributed through GDS to which Air Algerie has subscribed.

    Air Algerie is a Joint Stock Company (J.S.C) the registered capital of which is 43,000,000,000.00 DA. Air Algerie is a company resolutely turned towards Modernity. Air Algerie has made in 2005, a 48.7 billion DA turnover , a 5 % progress compared to 2004 and a 8 billion DA net profit .The Company carries annually nearly 3 Millions passengers on its regular services.

    Air Algerie is a joint stock company. The shares are totally owned by the Algerian state. Its Board of Directors is headed by Abdelwahid Bouabdallah, Chairman and Managing Director.

    Recently, the Air Algerie was divided into several departments to better meet the expectations of its customers and challenges of global aviation. Now, there are poles separate maintenance, domestic routes, international routes, cargo and service tour operator. Four subsidiaries were established: Technics Air Algerie, Air Algerie Catering, Domestics and Air Algerie Cargo Air Algerie. Soon will see the launch of Air Algeria Plus is a customer loyalty with discounts on flights, car rental or hotel reservations. Company to the modern fleet, the balance sheets balanced, Air Algerie is resolutely turned towards the future. (Source: Wikipedia - 2009)

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